I am a social scientist with a background in historical sociology, development studies and South Asian studies. My research interests include the interaction between the state and society, the role of people and social movements in social change, and state formation and governance. In addition to these general themes and in light of the “youth bulge” challenge facing many countries, I am interested in exploring the role youth can play in holding power to account.

Prior to joining CMI and U4, I was manager of a development programme to increase youth participation and leadership in civil society in Nepal, Uganda, and Tanzania for a Norwegian NGO.

In addition, I've held academic research roles at l’École Pratique des Hautes Études, Paris. As a research associate at the University of Oxford, I published a book Opening the hidden land – on state formation processes and social relations in the multi-ethnic Indian state of Sikkim.

I hold a doctorate and masters from the University of Oxford in South and Inner-Asian/Oriental Studies as well as a BA in Development Studies from the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), London.


    Recent work

    • Publication | U4 Issue
      Social accountability and anti-corruption in Ghana’s Fertiliser Subsidy Programme

      11 May 2021

      Social accountability interventions by CSOs have helped to reduce smuggling and have improved local-level governance. However, they require more logistical and institutional support to increase their sustainability

      People's engagement
    • Publication | TNRC Publication
      Enrolling the local: Community-based anti-corruption efforts and institutional capture

      31 Jan 2021

      Community-based anti-corruption efforts are often seen as a way to empower those affected by the negative consequences of corruption. However, when lucrative natural resources are involved, such initiatives are likely to fail.

      Natural resources and energy
    • Publication | U4 Brief
      Corrupción en tiempos de COVID-19

      20 Dec 2020

      Durante la respuesta a la pandemia de COVID-19, es fundamental mantener una postura firme contra prácticas de corrupción. Los procedimientos anticorrupción y los sistemas de rendición de cuentas garan...

    • Publication | U4 Brief
      Corruption, informality and social norms

      15 Dec 2020

      Understanding social norms, values, and informality are important for anti-corruption, conservation, and natural resource management programmes.

      Informal contexts
    • Publication | U4 Issue
      Downward accountability in humanitarian aid

      24 Nov 2020

      If aid organisations are accountable to their beneficiaries, there is potentially less risk of corruption. Interventions may also be more efficient and effective with accountability measures in place.

      Development cooperation

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