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I'm a political scientist focusing on democratic institutionalisation, parliaments, political parties, political corruption, and natural resources (petroleum resources management and revenue management). My geographic expertise includes Malawi, Bangladesh, Angola, Ghana, Nigeria, and francophone West Africa. I completed my PhD in comparative African studies at the University of Tromsø, Norway, in 1997. I was the Research Director at CMI from 2000-2003 and Director for the U4 Anti-Corruption Resource Centre from 2002-2006. You can see all my publications on the CMI profile page.


    Recent work

    • Publication | U4 Issue
      Rethinking anti-corruption in de-democratising regimes

      27 Apr 2021

      De-democratisation is often disguised as an effort to strengthen government efficiency or enact anti-corruption measures. Practitioners need to rethink anti-corruption efforts in such regimes.

      Development cooperation
    • Publication | U4 Brief
      Covid-19, cash transfers, and corruption

      17 May 2020

      Cash transfers can be fast, support local economies, and prevent people from slipping into deep poverty. Corruption risks can be reduced through transparent targeting mechanisms and more.

      Covid-19 and corruption
    • Publication | U4 Issue
      Political Corruption

      1 Jan 2006

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