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Tanzania: Open government and PFM development credit

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Tanzania: Open government and PFM development credit

12 February 2020

This is an evaluation of the IBRD/IDA programme in Tanzania: the Open Government and PFM Development Credit. The relevance of objectives was rated modest; while they continued to be relevant to Tanzania’s development challenges, this was no longer the case under the government, which had different priorities. Relevance of design is rated modest, reflecting the weakened linkages to the PDO. Efficacy is rated negligible for the first objective where, while all prior actions for OGPFM-1 were met, only one is being implemented; and modest for the second objective, where intended outcomes were partly achieved.

The development outcome is rated unsatisfactory. Few of the policy actions were pursued to completion and many were not owned by the new government, making their sustainability unlikely. Teams need to make an explicit and concerted effort to assess the political context and the degree of ownership at the outset. While the Tanzanian political environment appeared tranquil, elections were close, they were being fought hard and, in many instances, changed the direction and emphasis of policy, including influencing the aims of the OGPFM operations.

Tanzania: Open Government and PFM Development Credit

Independent Evaluation Group (IEG), March 12, 2019.


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