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OECD guidance on preventing corruption in public procurement

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OECD guidance on preventing corruption in public procurement

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has developed a number of resources on public procurement, including on corruption in public procurement. We particularly recommend:

Preventing corruption in public procurement (2016)

Public procurement toolbox – policy tools, country-examples, and indicators to measure public procurement systems.

Public procurement recommendation – a reference for modernising procurement systems that can be applied across all levels of government and state owned enterprises. It addresses the entire procurement cycle while integrating public procurement with other elements of strategic governance such as budgeting, financial management and additional forms of services delivery.

Public procurement in Peru: Reinforcing capacity and co-ordination – a report in the series of OECD Public Governance Reviews that examines ongoing public procurement reforms in Peru, focusing on procurement processes, participation in tenders, and the culture of integrity in the public procurement process. It provides guidance to help Peru implement reforms that enhance the efficiency, transparency and accountability of the system.

See also other OECD country reports and publications on public procurement.


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