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Joint evaluation of budget support to Tanzania

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Joint evaluation of budget support to Tanzania

12 February 2020

This study evaluated the General and Sector Budget Support operations undertaken in Tanzania from 2005 to 2012, operations that amounted to a resource transfer of almost US$ 5,000 million, provided by 14 Development Partners. It finds that the budget support has had an important influence on growth, on improved outcomes in the education sector and on improvements in non-income poverty. Budget support funds have allowed the Government of Tanzania to maintain a high level of development spending without increasing domestic borrowing, contributing to a sustained level of public investment and a fast recovery from the global financial crisis. It also found strong evidence that the combination of GBS funding through the budget with targeted support to institutions of accountability such as the NAO, the Parliament, CSOs, media and Local Government Authorities has created more transparency.

Joint evaluation of budget support to Tanzania: lessons learned and recommendations for the future.

Consortium of ADE, ITAD and COWI, jointly managed by the European Commission, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark, Irish Aid, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands and the Ministry of Finance of Tanzania, 2013.


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