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Fiscal transparency and the fiscal code – IMF website

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Fiscal transparency and the fiscal code – IMF website

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Fiscal transparency is the comprehensiveness, clarity, reliability, timeliness, and relevance of public reporting on the past, present, and future state of public finances. This is critical for effective fiscal management and accountability. It helps ensure that governments have an accurate picture of their finances when making economic decisions – including the costs and benefits of policy changes and potential risks to public finances. It also provides legislatures, markets, and citizens with the information they need to hold governments accountable.

Visit the IMF fiscal transparency website for more information about:

  • Fiscal Transparency Code (2014)
  • Fiscal Transparency Manual (2007)
  • Guide on Resource Revenue Transparency (2007)
  • Country reports (Fiscal Transparency Evaluations, FTEs)
  • Working papers on fiscal transparency


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