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Essentials of anti-corruption I: The basics

Short, self-paced course for basic literacy on corruption and anti-corruption. This module is a prerequisite for our expert-led courses.
Essentials of anti-corruption I: The basics

The course is also available in French and Spanish, Arabic, and Ukrainian.



Work your way through videos, text and interactive quizzes.


Open for everyone to take. Registration required.


1-2 hours.


Available at any time.

What you'll learn


Different types of corruption (eg bribery, embezzlement, trading in influence, sextortion), and the difference between a conflict of interest and corruption.

Measurement and assessments

The difference between perception and experience-based tools, corruption risk assessments, administrative data, and multi-country corruption indices. What can they validly tell us about the scope of corruption in a given context?

Basics of anti-corruption programming

Entry points to anti-corruption programming that cover both implicit and explicit approaches.

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Rachael Tufft
Rachael Tufft
Senior Learning Technology Adviser