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Corruption risk management reference documents from development aid agencies


Corruption risk management reference documents from development aid agencies

Examples of reference documents that development agencies use for corruption risk management purposes.
10 June 2021

CANADA (Global Affairs Canada)

Canada’s fight against bribery

  • GAC is developing a harmonised and integrated risk management tool (RMT) for all GAC grants and contributions, managed by the Risk Management Advisory Group.
  • The Fraud Management Unit supports fraud detection and the management of fraud cases.

DENMARK (Ministry of Foreign Affairs / Danida)

Anti-Corruption Policy / Guidelines for risk management

  • All staff should respect a code of conduct.
  • An online reporting mechanism is in place for possible irregularities.
  • Risks are assessed and managed at the country and programme levels.

FINLAND (Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

Anti-corruption handbook for development practitioners

FRANCE (French Development Agency – AFD)

General policy for the prevention and fight against illicit practices

  • At the project appraisal stage, due diligence is carried out by operational departments.
  • When concluding a contract, contractual provisions are there to prevent any prohibited practice.
  • At the project implementation stage, monitoring checks respect for contractual provisions and that any risks are managed appropriately.

GERMANY (German Corporation for International Cooperation)

Anti-Corruption and Integrity in German Development Policy

  • GIZ follows a zero-tolerance policy.
  • Corruption risks are managed at the country level.
  • Training and codes of ethics are key aspects to prevent corruption risks.
  • Programme appraisals consider how to prevent corruption risks.

NORWAY (Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation – Norad)

Guidelines for dealing with suspected financial irregularities in the Foreign Service / Grant Management Manual. Guide for assessment of results and risk management

  • The Fraud and Integrity Unit receives warnings and is responsible for investigating and enforcing the Zero Tolerance Policy.
  • Due diligence of partners, country risk assessments, and grant risk assessments are performed.

SWEDEN (Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency – Sida)

Sida’s anti-corruption regulation

  • Risks of corruption are included in the country strategy programme and measured at the sector and project levels.
  • Corruption risk assessment is part of Sida's Rating System of Projects.
  • Reporting requirements consider corruption risks.

SWITZERLAND (Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation – SDC)

Fighting Corruption. SDC Strategy

  • Corruption prevention and sanction measures should be applied to sector programmes.
  • SDC’s operational divisions are responsible for designing and implementing anti-corruption programmes.
  • SDC’s Governance Division is responsible for providing advice and support to SDC operational staff concerning anti-corruption measures in partner countries.

UNITED KINGDOM (Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office – FCDO)

FCDO Smart rules / Risk Management in DFID

  • Risk is managed at three levels: the corporate, operational unit, and intervention levels.
  • The Internal Audit Department manages suspicions of fraud.


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